Tebis CAD/CAM Tips and Tricks Online Session


    Tebis CAD/CAM Tips and Tricks Online Session

    Tebis CAD/CAM Tips and Tricks Online Session
    Wednesday 22 April 2020 3:00:11 PM67 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Please join Tebis for Tebis CAD/CAM Tips and Tricks online session.

    Time/Date: 18:00 to 19:00, Friday, April 24th 2020

    Presenter: Bill Hudson, Product & Application Specialist

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    Faster machining with indexed collision avoidance

    The function „NC3ax/RFill“ for the residual stock machining offers a new, very comfortable strategy for collision avoidance with the indexed tilt direction calculation: This strategy automatically detects and connects milling areas that can be machined collision-free with the same tilt direction. The corresponding tilt direction is also calculated. Areas that can’t be machined without collisions are deactivated and can be selected in the continuation job. Of course, you remain completely flexible and can also manually subdivide the milling areas as desired.

    Indexed collision avoidance therefore shortens machining time and improves surface quality. It’s recommended, for example, for multi-axis machines that are unsuitable for 5-axis simultaneous machining because of their dynamics.


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