WHITE Boosts Efficiency with STUDER’s Precision Grinding Tech

At the Polish plant of WHITE, the world’s leading manufacturer of orbital motors and steering solutions, the recently acquired S110 internal cylindrical grinding machine from STUDER is revolutionizing production efficiency.

In April, a truck departed the STUDER plant in Biel, Switzerland, carrying the high-precision S110 to WHITE’s facility in Wroclaw, Poland. “It’s always a great moment when a new machine arrives,” says Paweł Soćko, Senior Process Engineer at WHITE.

“We chose the S110 for its unmatched performance and quality,” explains Soćko. “STUDER’s technology allows us to grind components with the highest precision and at lower costs, significantly contributing to our success.” The modern plant, employing around 600 people, uses multiple STUDER machines, including the new S110, alongside other equipment from the UNITED GRINDING Group to produce advanced electrohydraulic solutions for agricultural and construction machinery.

Long-Standing Partnership and Optimal Solutions

Adrian Schürch, Area Sales Manager at STUDER, highlights the decades-long relationship with WHITE. “Our grinding machines have continuously contributed to WHITE’s success,” he says. The S110 was selected after detailed analysis by STUDER’s specialist team to ensure it met the specific requirements for grinding hardened steel sleeves for hydraulic steering systems. “The S110 offers high precision, reliability, and an excellent price-performance ratio,” Schürch adds.

Cesare Mastroianni, responsible for project management at STUDER’s internal grinding competence center, oversaw the optimization of the S110. His team collaborated closely with WHITE’s specialists to ensure the machine met all technical and production specifications. “We were impressed by their expertise and professionalism, leading to a perfect solution,” Mastroianni notes.

Achieving High Volume and Quality with Automation

The S110 grinds approximately 350,000 high-quality sleeves annually at the Wroclaw plant. “We need the best solutions due to our high production volume, and the S110 meets our requirements perfectly,” emphasizes Soćko. The machine’s automation capabilities further enhance efficiency. A robot handles loading and unloading, allowing the S110 to operate autonomously for nearly two hours, reducing labor costs and freeing employees for other tasks.

Extending Machine Life with Overhaul Services

WHITE also values the longevity and sustainability of STUDER machines. “Our oldest STUDER machine has been operational for 30 years,” Soćko points out. STUDER’s overhaul service restores aging machines to like-new condition, providing a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. “The machine overhaul is a fraction of the cost of a new system, and it aligns with our environmental values,” Soćko adds.

STUDER’s Steven Thiel explains that overhauled machines maintain the same precision and quality as new ones, supporting sustainable practices. “During the overhaul process, we provide a loan machine to prevent production downtime,” Thiel says.

With the integration of the S110 and ongoing support from STUDER, WHITE is well-positioned for future success. “Properly implemented processes ensure success, and STUDER is the ideal partner on this journey,” Soćko concludes.

S110 Highlights:

  • Compact, flexible internal cylindrical grinding for medium-sized workpieces
  • Center height of 102 mm and max grinding length of 120 mm
  • Optional loader for automated loading and unloading
  • Up to three grinding spindles for external and internal grinding in one clamping
  • Safe programming with StuderSIM and StuderWIN operating systems

Original source MMI

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