The Power Of Production Control Software Collaboration

PSL Datatrack is proud to be a flexible provider of modular production control software. You may already know that the system begins with a number of core modules which can be expanded to include a range of optional modules in line with the needs of the customer. Whilst additional modules typically satisfy our customers’ criteria, what you may not know is that there have been instances where a unique requirement outside of the norm occurs and PSL Datatrack has collaborated with these clients to meet their exact needs.

The system can be tweaked in many ways. At the most recent count, PSL Datatrack now totals in excess of 1300 configuration options. Rather than just straight yes/no settings, the majority of these options are able to be defined to work in a specific way, depending on the preference of the user. What is more, PSL Datatrack is able to demonstrate the result before the customer makes the change to their live system, ensuring that the proposed modification categorically provides the end user with their desired outcome. Customers can request new functionality for these configuration options through PSL Datatrack’s active Wishlist system.

The Wishlist system is also great for brand new customer ideas. Any ideas for future development can be submitted to a designated Wishlist email address as well as over the phone. We can also commission new features if a customer has a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ element request.

The standard production control system also encompasses a large number of documents, labels and reports, any of which can be tweaked at the wish of our customers. Fields can be easily added and/or removed and layouts restructured. For more involved alterations, one of the existing documents may be used as a template for a custom report. PSL Datatrack can also design brand new custom reports based on mock-ups from customers – if the information is in the system, it can be portrayed on a report.

That statement is also true of Status Boards. PSL Datatrack works very closely with its customers to design these dynamic display boards, which can be coloured and sorted to show the exact data desired by key business decision makers. Status Charts can also be designed to provide an even more visual representation of live business data and again, PSL Datatrack works alongside clients to produce these Charts.

Support is therefore much more than just support with PSL Datatrack. It is business heads put together for real solutions so that the software system fits your business like a bespoke glove. Information overload leads to confusion but the right information delivered how you want it is power.

So, whether you are an existing PSL Datatrack user or an interested visitor, get in touch with us if you are wondering “could PSL Datatrack do…?” We will always do our utmost to find the right solution for you!

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