Handling Call Off Orders With PSL Datatrack

A call off (or blanket) purchase order is an order which allows multiple deliveries over a period of time. These are usually raised to benefit from preferential rates and avoid the costly business of stock holding.

PSL Datatrack production control software has controls in place to manage call off orders negotiated with both your suppliers and your customers.

From a purchasing viewpoint, the Purchase Orders module supports placing call off orders for material. When the order is saved a call off transaction is added to Material Stocks to mirror the quantity placed. This means that there is always clear visibility of what you have committed to from the stock record.

Material can then be called in as and when it is required for a works order. The stock record is updated to reflect the change in status and the material is booked in via Goods Received. Supplier and mill certificate numbers can be recorded and digitally stored here for complete batch traceability.

Many PSL Datatrack users also offer call off terms to their customers. The hub of the system, the Works Orders module, is used to manage this process.

With a customer call off order the requirement can be managed in different quantities or batches and held in stock until the customer requires delivery. A main call off works order is raised at the start of the contract, which can then be split into separate works orders as and when agreed with the customer. The order quantity on the original order is reduced until the final delivery is made, which completes and closes it.

In addition to maintaining a clear record of delivery requirements, the splitting works orders function works well with delivery performance reporting which provides a comparison of deliveries made against their associated works order due date. This categorises them as early, on time, late within 7 days and late over 7 days with reference to the call off date – not the end of call off agreement date, which could be quite different and therefore misleading.

Owing to Brexit, there has never been a more important time to manage your stock levels and ensure you only receive/deliver your goods when you actually need to. With PSL Datatrack’s purchase and sales order processing modules you are always in control!

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