The Dawn of a New Digital Era at MTD


    The Dawn of a New Digital Era at MTD

    The Dawn of a New Digital Era at MTD
    Wednesday 29 January 2020 9:26:58 AM26 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    At MTD, we never stand still – always innovating, creating new ideas and delivering the industry with the disruptive new technologies that will break the boundaries for your marketing activities. Last year was an exceptional year, but in 2020, we’ll be bringing you more. More content, more news, more channels and opportunities; and of course, more ways to get involved with your favourite source for industry information.

    We’re only through the first month of 2020, and we’re already out of the blocks with a whole host of new products and services for you to enjoy on our channels this year. From a customer perspective, MTD is delighted to now be working with Cadspec, Solidcam, Lang UK, Prima Power, FASTEMS, Zeiss, Hoffmann, Walter, ETL Fluid experts, Jemtech, SMW Autoblock, Nukon and Rocol. With even more manufacturers and industry leaders set to join the MTD platform in the near future, 2020 promises to be a big year at MTD towers.

    What does all this mean for our audience? Simply put, its more content on more diverse topics and products. The beauty of digital media is you can never produce enough. The more content that we generate, the more followers we attract, the more comments we receive, the more subscribers we get – and all this leads to greater engagement. It’s a win/win for everyone – the MTD customers, content creators and contributors and of course, the MTD subscribers and followers.

    Continually Evolving

    As a company, MTD is continually evolving; and in the last 12 months we have implemented structural and strategic changes to our business model. The changes have been applied to enhance our brand, industry presence, global reach, content, quality and customer services.

    Now, has become the overarching business/website that now services all the individual channels the company has created. The purpose of is to showcase what our company is capable of and what we can provide to industry. Now, we can offer website development – thanks to our growing internal team and our unique knowledge of the industry. The combination of geeky techy types working with industry experts and combining this blend with digital media experts is certain to give you a web presence that will be the envy of the industry.

    Furthermore, also has the digital services and competence to provide a tantalising platform for all your digital content. We have the best supported and most followed channels in the global manufacturing industry. This is because we have carefully tailored our channels to meet the diverse demands of the end users. Whether the users are the audience, the social followers, the content creators and generators or news hungry industry enthusiasts, we now have MTDCNC, MTDMFG,, MTD Global and Swarfandchips – all outstanding channels for our clients and investors to tell their story, promote their products, educate the marketplace and create a social following. Did we mention that now has the World’s largest engineering database with over 640,000 visitors per month across our channels.

    Throughout 2020, the MTDCNC platform will continue to grow at an exponential rate, with new presenters on the horizon, new shows and new investment in both our magazine and our popular podcast, we are the first stop for technical information, regardless of you preferred method of digestion.

    As’s Managing Director, Paul Jones comments: “Creating a successful digital business is all about evolving with technology whilst looking 5-steps ahead and what is coming next. Our staff have a unique blend of industrial expertise that is co-ordinated with digital expertise to create a platform that is unsurpassed in the manufacturing industry.”

    “My team is passionate about engineering. We love innovation and technology and bringing this to our followers via print, PC’s and mobile formats. This year for MTD, its very much the year of the phone, we’re developing ap’s for all channels, ap’s for statistics and we will be putting much more investment into this area. We have also recruited two ‘back-end’ developers and this is their remit for the months ahead. The company turnover has doubled in the last two years and the audience has tripled, a ratio I am very pleased to report to our ongoing committed customers.”

    Keep your eyes open for the team around all the up and coming events in 2020, last year MTDCNC created a whopping 1067 new videos and this year the teams aim is aiming to increase by another 30%.


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