ITC Launch New Product Lines at Southern Manufacturing

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    ITC Launch New Product Lines at Southern Manufacturing

    ITC Launch New Product Lines at Southern Manufacturing
    Friday 20 December 2019 9:33:45 AM47 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    The Southern Manufacturing Show at the Farnborough Exhibition Centre will be the very first opportunity for UK manufacturers to see the new 2020 cutting tool launches from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC). Using the 11th to the 13th February event as the launchpad for its new innovations, the Tamworth based cutting tool manufacturer is inviting engineers to visit stand H250 to witness the next generation of cutting tool technology.

    The new additions to the ITC portfolio that will be receiving their world premiere at Southern Manufacturing will include the new ITC 6071 Series of solid carbide end mills. This stub-length end mill has been specifically developed for the high-performance machining of steel and aerospace grade alloys such as titanium and inconel. ITC has evolved the geometry design and extensively trialled this in the marketplace to introduce an end mill line that surpasses all that went before.

    With an unrivalled reputation for aluminium machining, ITC has further extended its industry leading line with the arrival of the new 3202 3-flute long series and the optimised length 3203 Series ball nose tools. Perfect for profiling and reaching difficult to access surfaces, the 3202 and 3203 offer manufacturers the complete solution for cutting aluminium and aerospace grade alloys. Complementing the new additions is the much-anticipated arrival of the 4204 Series of long length 4-flute square-end milling cutters with a chipbreaker geometry.

    Supporting the new ITC product lines at the showpiece event will be the latest arrivals from Widia. Representing Widia in the UK, application experts from ITC will be on-hand to discuss the benefits of the new Widia product lines. Some of the latest Widia tools on show will include the new VSM890-12 face and shoulder milling series. The new VSM890-12 is hailed as one of the very few 8-edged double-sided milling lines with genuine 90-degree milling.

    The new high-performance milling line generates superior metal removal rates on a complete range of materials when conducting face, shoulder, Z-axis plunging and contour plunging and 100% radial engagement slotting. The new VSM890 series is available with a 32mm diameter Weldon end mill configuration whilst the shell mill tool bodies are available in diameters from 40mm up to 250mm with a cartridge face mill providing a 315mm diameter.

    The VSM890 will be alongside the impressive Widia 70NS Victory X-Feed Series of high-feed end mills that have now been extended to cater for the machining of stainless steel and heat resistant alloys. The extension provides manufacturers that machine challenging materials, with all the benefits the 70NS demonstrates on steel, cast iron and a host of other material types. The 70NS Series provides a significantly increased radial engagement when compared to ball nosed end mills and this geometry revision has been optimised for circular plunging, 3D machining, face milling and pocketing applications on heat-resistant alloys and stainless steels.

    Complementing the 70NS and the VSM890 at Southern manufacturing will be the new Widia range of 4U50 and 4U80 shallow pitch roughing cutters. Perfect for stainless steel and high-temperature alloys, the new solid carbide end mills demonstrate reliable consistent performance at higher machining parameters when conducting prolonged machining cycles on challenging aerospace grade materials.

    Designated as shallow pitch roughing tools for high material removal rates in the aerospace industry, the new Widia 4U50 and 4U80 Series is available with four or six cutting edges with a harmonically designed flute geometry and the choice of a short cut length (4U50 Series) for superior rigidity or a regular cut length (4U80 Series) with both enhanced cutting performance and stability when conducting heavy-duty roughing.

    ITC will of course have a comprehensive display of existing product lines alongside the new innovations. Likewise, the stand will display a myriad of new innovations from Widia as well as a selection of BIG KAISER toolholding and clamping technology. Make sure you are among the first to see the new product lines by visiting the ITC Stand H250 at Southern Manufacturing.


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