How to make your own hands free sanitizer – #SwarfandChips


    How to make your own hands free sanitizer – #SwarfandChips

    What do you do when you can’t find a product good enough? Make your own!
    That’s exactly how this Hands Free Sanitizer Tower was designed and built by MILTURN Precision Engineers Limited.

    During the challenging times that we have all been in MILLTURN Precision Engineers have designed and manufactured their own Hands Free Sanitiser Tower, the tower consists of 57 individual components, with over 96% of them being CNC machined, now they are in full production with demand for them coming from all around the world!

    Ian Mustard, Managing Director explained that following the sad death of his mother due to COVID-19 he searched the internet for a quality hands free product for his facility to keep his staff safe but could not find one that met his needs so he decided to make his own! Gio finds out how this was achieved from design, manufacture, inspection and assembly!

    We also have a one hit cycle time challenge for your chance to win a Swarf and Chips goody bag!!


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