Mitutoyo launches subcontract measurement website

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    Mitutoyo launches subcontract measurement website

    Mitutoyo launches subcontract measurement website
    Wednesday 22 July 2020 2:10:37 PM48 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    A new website just launched by Mitutoyo UK explains how customers can use Measurement Services, a subcontracting department of the company dedicated to relieving the burden of high-accuracy dimensional inspection at times of overload, or when in-house resource needs bolstering. 

    Mitutoyo’s Measurement Services was set up to help companies bridge a gap between customers’ expectations on product delivery and the limitations of in-house inspection resource to meet that demand. Many firms in the UK and abroad have taken full advantage of these subcontract measurement services to meet and exceed the expectations of demanding customers, resulting in higher client retention and improved profitability.

    The department has a highly experienced team that takes the engineering drawings or CAD model of a component and performs QA inspection on behalf of the customer. This may be for first-off verification or an extended batch run. Part programming is often an integral aspect of the service offered. In fact, this may be the main reason for calling on Measurement Services, especially at times of programming overload or staff shortage.

    The department usually works off-site but if required an experienced measurement specialist from the team is allocated to work on-site with the customer to help with problematic tasks, or to cover staff shortage. The highly skilled team has wide experience in multiple industries, which is reflected in the diversity of help and advice that can be offered on any measurement challenge a customer is facing. 

    Visit the Measurement Services website:


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