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    Thursday 1 October 2020 12:52:28 PM79 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Matsuura Machinery Ltd is pleased to announce the debut of the MAM72-52V, a high speed, large capacity 5-axis vertical machining centre.
    Designed from the ground up and based upon 30+ years of multi-pallet automation innovation and excellence, the Matsuura MAM72-52V is a “factory in one machine” that enables variable-part/variable-volume production and extended unmanned operation. Equipped with 130 tools on a 330 tool magazine base, proven tower pallet system (PC15) for extended lights out manufacturing and chip removal system as standard.

    This high-speed, large-capacity 5-axis vertical machining centre delivers Matsuura’s 5 axis performance and sits proudly in a unique capacity position within the MAM72 product range, bridging the gap between MAM72-35V and MAM72-70V.
    The maximum workpiece size per pallet is D520 mm x H400mm, with a load capacity of 300 kgs per pallet, making this machine perfectly specified and suitable for a large array of work in many industries, machining the full spectrum of materials, from Exotics, Titanium, to Aluminium and Cast Iron to “hard to cut” machining challenges.

    The MAM72-52V is ergonomically designed to offer end users faster response times to market and deliver high productivity to meet customers’ growing business requirements for ever faster cycle times, proven unmanned running and dynamic cost down performance.
    In 1995 Matsuura introduced the now legendary MAM72 Series of 5 axis machine tools, ushering in and defining a new age of unmanned palletised and fully automated pallet pool CNC machining production. Synonymous with the introduction of the concept of ‘lights out machining,’ this innovative production platform series became instantly recognisable by the tower pallet pools integrated into the machine design at their inception.
    The denomination ‘MAM’ signifies the unique and ground-breaking nature of these ‘mother’ machines; ‘Matsuura Advanced Manufacturing.’
    Roger Howkins, Managing Director at Matsuura Machinery Ltd commented: “Investing in a Matsuura MAM72 series machine is not all about the mass production of a single part, or set of parts – although some end users utilise their MAM72 machines for that purpose. We often find users treating their MAM72 as a “vending machine” – essentially “making what they need, when they need it and selling what they produce” with minimal set ups following the initial inception of a new component with its fixturing, optimising their spindle utilisation when compared to a manned single table machine that requires long periods of downtime between set-ups, and the proven capacity for customers to run profitably unmanned at night and weekend, whilst reducing operator dependency and the associated labour costs.”


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