MAPAL To Introduce Complete Carbide Milling Line at MACH

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    MAPAL To Introduce Complete Carbide Milling Line at MACH

    MAPAL To Introduce Complete Carbide Milling Line at MACH
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 2:15:03 PM42 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    MACH 2020 will be the UK launchpad for the completely new solid carbide OptiMill Series of end mills from MAPAL. On Stand 330 in Hall 18, the world leading PCD tooling manufacturer will be turning its attention to the solid carbide tooling sector with an entirely new line of end mills.

    The MAPAL OptiMill solid carbide end mills have been a prominent performer for a number of years, but MACH will be the UK launch for no fewer than nine new OptiMill product lines. One of the key products in the expanded milling portfolio is the new OptiMill SPM tools for processing aluminium and steel.

    As the industry evolves to increasingly powerful machine tools, end users can now utilise the full potential of these machine tools with the new OptiMill-SPM milling cutters that are available in two formats, the ‘Rough’ and the ‘Finish’ series. Both new tool designations have impressive characteristics for customers to exploit, especially during the machining of structural aerospace parts made of aluminium and aerospace alloys.

    The new OptiMill-SPM-Rough has an innovative knurled roughing geometry that ensures the power consumption during machining is significantly lower compared to tools with a straight cutting edge. Furthermore, the heat introduction into the part is minimal due to the excellent plunging characteristics of the tool. The new 3-flute OptiMill-SPM Rough is available with diameters of 12, 16, 20 and 25mm with corner radii of 2, 3 and 4mm to prolong tool life and prevent edge chipping during heavy duty cutting. With a short flute length of 1.5XD and polished flutes, the OptiMill-SPM Rough has been designed for high material removal rates. For finishing contours and pocket walls, MAPAL will introduce the OptiMill-SPM-Finish at MACH. This new end mill prevents swarf wrapping even when operating in corners with enormous tool contact and high machining loads. Like the OptiMill-SPM Rough, the new OptiMill-SPM-Finish is available in diameters from 12 to 25mm with imperial variants available upon request. The uncoated 4-flute end mill is offered with corner radii from 2 to 4mm and is the perfect choice for aluminium machining.

    For full slot milling, MAPAL will be showing the OptiMill-Uni-Wave, another new tool launched for cutting at depths up to 2XD in a range of different materials. Credit to its impressive geometry, the highest machining rates are possible. Machinists are often faced with inconsistent chip removal when cutting beyond 1.5XD, to eradicate this, the new OptiMill-Uni-Wave incorporates central internal cooling. This ensures optimal removal of the chips and longer tool life. The PVD coated series is available in diameters of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20mm. The OptiMill-Uni-Wave is also now available with an extra-long version. This extra-long version provides an efficient solution for roughing even in deep cavities. Available in diameters from 6 to 20mm, the extra-long version of the OptiMill-Uni-Wave demonstrates unsurpassed rigidity and stability.

    For machining composite materials, MAPAL will introduce the new OptiMill-Composite-Speed-Plus, a logical extension to the existing OptiMill-Composite-Speed. The diamond-coated solid carbide milling cutter has a new high-performance substrate that combines with a reinforced core diameter and eight cutting edges that are all features to deliver reliable machining of CFRP. The fracture strength has been increased by 50% whilst the optimised groove profile ensures fast, reliable removal of dust and process heat. Overall, the tool life of the OptiMill-Composite-Speed-Plus is 20 percent higher than for the previous model.

    For the tool and mould making industry, MAPAL will introduce the new OptiMill-3D series of solid carbide milling cutters. Along with extremely heat-resistant coatings and special carbide substrates, the new tools are characterised by the dimensions and geometries specifically adapted to mould making. For hard parts from 45 to 66HRc, the new OptiMill-­3D-HF-Hardened is the new tool of choice. Offered with four or six cutting edges, MAPAL has developed the two variants for high feed milling on particularly challenging materials. The four-flute tool is the primary choice for roughing and pre-finishing. Available from 2mm to 16mm diameter, the 4-flute tool is ideal for long overhang applications such as machining in deep cavities.

    Also perfect for roughing and pre-finishing, the 6-flute series demonstrates impressive characteristics when finishing flat surfaces with a high feed rate. It produces the best surface finishes and flatness, and with a PVD coating the tool dissipates heat generation to ensure tool life is prolonged. This new range will be accompanied at MACH by the new OptiMill-3D-CR-Hardened. Perfect for finishing 3D mould tools up to 66HRc, this line produces smooth, high-gloss surface finishes when machining at maximum feed rates.

    The latest evolution in milling is the arrival of circular radius milling cutters or ‘conical barrel tools’. At MACH, MAPAL will be introducing its form conical barrel tools with the new OptiMill-3D-CS series. Perfect for mould making applications in deep cavities, complex free-form shapes as well as the manufacture of turbine blades and impellers – the new OptiMill-3D-CS series is a game changer in productivity and performance.  The conical barrel tools require a high-performance CAM system to work effectively. Alongside this remarkably diverse new solid carbide milling platform, MAPAL will be introducing a vast array of new innovations that stretch from cloud-based platforms and vending technology through PCD and solid carbide tooling to special application-based solutions. For further details, speak with a MAPAL engineer at MACH on Stand 330 in Hall 18.


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