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    MAPAL Networks Delivery Chain

    MAPAL Networks Delivery Chain
    Saturday 4 April 2020 3:22:31 PM61 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    The complete delivery chain can now be networked using the open cloud c-Com platform from MAPAL. Data can now be accessed to all involved employees with data on tools and machines in production automatically reaching the cloud via RFID chips and DNC servers. 

    Completely eliminating the manual transmission of data, this new MAPAL concept is the ideal scenario for networked production. Complete networking involves a major infrastructure investment, making it rarely a scenario in reality. However, any business that wants to start its digitalization journey without high costs, MAPAL now has the ‘c-Connect’ module including the box of the same name that has been developed by c-Com.

    The usage of c-Connect pays-off for customers several times over. On one hand, c-Connect makes it possible to transmit tool data digitally from the setting fixture to the machine – and this includes the registration of the inventory movements. It is also possible to monitor the machine status using the c-Connect Box by means of various sensors. For this purpose, a c-Connect Box can be mounted on each machine tool and connected to the machine using a USB port – quick and easy. By doing this, production facilities with entirely different machine tools can be networked quickly and without complications. c-Connect is independent of the machine controller and therefore offers a low-cost entry model for digitalization. No channels are closed with c-Connect; the digitalization can be expanded gradually. For instance, all advantages offered by other c-Com modules can be integrated.

    Direct data transfer

    In large-scale series manufacture, RFID chips and DNC servers are normally used. In smaller businesses, relevant measured data is often transferred from the setting fixture to the machine tool by means of manual entry. This is time-consuming and susceptible to errors. Such manual errors during data transfer are completely eliminated using c-Connect. The setting fixture measures the tool and the data is then transferred automatically to the c-Com platform. The tool is scanned at the machine, the c-Connect Box retrieves the measured data from c-Com and transmits the data to the machine tool at the press of a button. Not only are errors eliminated, unnecessary non-productive time is saved. In addition, the inventory movements are registered in the platform. Furthermore, on the removal of the tool, it is possible to add tool data such as tool life. This feature makes it possible to digitalise the tool card.

    Machine Monitoring 

    With the c-Connect Box it is also possible to monitor all values that can be acquired using sensors. In this way, the c-Connect Box checks and measures parameters such as temperature, atmospheric humidity or the status of the machine signal lamp. If a defined value is exceeded, a push message is sent immediately to the operator or the person responsible in the form of an SMS, Twitter message or e-mail. The same applies if there are malfunctions.


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