MAPAL Introduces New Steel Drilling Line

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    MAPAL Introduces New Steel Drilling Line

    MAPAL Introduces New Steel Drilling Line
    Friday 28 February 2020 4:43:43 PM17 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Drilling steel has always posed challenges when you are aiming for the utmost in quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Henceforth, these topics have been at the foreground in new drill development at MAPAL. Following on from the success of the Tritan-Drill Steel, which is the tool of choice for the highest cost-effectiveness even in difficult drilling situations, MAPAL has new developed new drills for even greater benefits for the end users.

    MEGA-Deep-Drill and MEGA-Pilot-Drill

    Completely new developments, the MEGA-Deep-Drill and MEGA-Pilot-Drill have been introduced for drilling the deepest possible bores with the smallest diameter drills. As the name suggests, the MEGA-Pilot-Drill is used as a high precision pilot drill and is perfectly matched to the MEGA-Deep-Drill deep hole drill. The deep hole drill was developed for the hole diameters from 1 to 2.9mm. Thanks to the newly designed chip flute and special face geometry, very high feeds and cutting speeds are possible. Furthermore, the MEGA-Deep-Drill has a coated head that ensures optimal chip removal.

    MEGA-Drill-Hardened and MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox

    To be able to offer high-speed solutions drilling steel, hardened materials and for reaching greater drilling depths, MAPAL has developed the MEGA-Drill-Hardened and the MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox for machining depths of 8XD and 12XD. For the MEGA-Drill-Hardened, the micro grain carbide substrate and precise geometry of the tool have both been specially developed to machine hard materials up to 65HRc. The new carbide substrate and its innovative coating ensure extended tool life and performance. On the MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox, a new groove profile has been developed for reaching drilling depths up to 12XD. The drill features a chip gullet that increases in size toward the shank and as a result, chips do not jam in the drill flutes. The chip flutes have also been finely ground to a mirror finish to ensure that swarf evacuation is extremely efficient.

    Pyramid tipped QTD drill

    If manufacturers are drilling steel with unstable machining conditions, the new QTD Pyramid tipped drill is the tool of choice. The new QTD Series uses the smallest possible amount of carbide with an indexable insert that positionally centres itself with exceptional precision. This precision centring is credit to a new geometry that has been specially adapted to unstable machining conditions. The ability of the QTD drill to locate the entry point with pin-point precision in unstable conditions significantly increases wear resistance and tool life.


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