MAPAL Drills into Productivity Gains at MACH 2020

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    MAPAL Drills into Productivity Gains at MACH 2020

    MAPAL Drills into Productivity Gains at MACH 2020
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 1:51:01 PM51 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    At the UK’s showpiece manufacturing exhibition at the Birmingham NEC from 20th to 24th April, MAPAL will be demonstrating why it is an industry leading manufacturer of drilling and reaming product lines. On Stand 330 in Hall 18, MAPAL will emphasise its position as a full line supplier with a range of new drilling, reaming and toolholding lines that will appear alongside innovative solid carbide and PCD cutting tools as well as Industry 4.0 technologies.

    To enhance holemaking performance for end users, MAPAL has now introduced its new Drill-Ream product line. The underlying philosophy of the Drill-Ream is to combine individual work steps to improve precision and consistency, reduce set-ups and reduce machining times. For machining bores on a range of materials that vary from cast iron through to aluminium, the new Drill-Ream system incorporates a pyramid tip for unparalleled precision. This impressive new tool combines pilot-drilling, drilling and the subsequent reaming of the bore in just a single pass.

    The new solid carbide Drill-Ream tools are available with through coolant to evacuate chips, prolong tool life and increase cutting speeds and feeds. Offered in incremental diameters from 5.97mm through to 12.72mm, the new Drill-Ream has been developed with an optimised self-centering geometry that guarantees drill position and precision.

    Alongside the Drill-Ream tools at MACH will be the Tritan-Drill Steel that has been instrumental in delivering productivity and cost benefits to end users since its launch. Despite the impressive performance characteristics of theTritan-Drill Steel, MAPAL will be taking drilling technology to a new level at MACH 2020 with the arrival of its new MEGA-Deep-Drill and MEGA-Pilot-Drill.

     The MEGA-Deep-Drill and MEGA-Pilot-Drill have been introduced for drilling the deepest possible bores with the smallest diameters. As the name suggests, the MEGA-Pilot-Drill is used as a high precision pilot drill and is perfectly matched to the MEGA-Deep-Drill deep hole drill. The deep hole drill was developed for hole diameters from 1 to 2.9mm. Thanks to the newly designed chip flute and special face geometry, very high feeds and cutting speeds are possible. Furthermore, the MEGA-Deep-Drill has a coated head that ensures optimal chip removal.

    To bolster its drilling offering, MAPAL will also introduce the MEGA-Drill-Hardened and the MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox at MACH for drilling to depths of 8XD and 12XD. For the MEGA-Drill-Hardened, the micro grain carbide substrate and precise geometry of the tool have both been specially developed to machine hard materials up to 65HRc. On the MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox, a new groove profile has been developed for reaching drilling depths up to 12XD.

    For engineers drilling steel with unstable machining conditions, MAPAL will introduce the new QTD Pyramid tipped drill. The new QTD Series uses the smallest possible amount of carbide with an indexable insert that positionally centres itself with exceptional precision.

    The performance of a drill is very often governed by its respective clamping technology. For over 25 years, MAPAL has built up a broad portfolio of clamping products, and at MACH, the clamping and toolholding lines will be prominent with a series of new arrivals. By re-designing the complete range, MAPAL has completely re-designed the ranges by utilising intelligent design strategies that focus primarily upon reliable functionality.

    The remit was to revise chuck appearance whilst adding value for the customer. Developed according to this design brief, the new chucks shine with proverbial brilliance. One of the elements in the new concept is the brilliant surface finish that ensures chucks are more resistant to corrosion than previous versions. A further design requirement was ‘foolproof-handling’; creating something that creates easy and self-explanatory handling of chucks. These requirements have been addressed with blue colored features such as the actuating screws on a hydraulic chuck. The product and design engineers also optimised the chucks by undertaking a complete review of the weight, material selection and size. The new design addresses the requirements for the greatest possible stability and vibration dampening characteristics. With a new design, the complete clamping range can now be immediately identified as stemming from the MAPAL stable. If you would like to meet an expert to discuss how your holemaking and toolholding can be significantly improved, please visit the MAPAL Stand 330 in Hall 18 at MACH 2020.



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