USA Visit to Takumi Headquarters


    USA Visit to Takumi Headquarters

    USA Visit to Takumi Headquarters
    Thursday 5 March 2020 9:08:31 AM36 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    We are happy to announce a successful visit to Takumi’s headquarters in America in the state of Indiana. Joe from our sales division was there to introduce a new U.K. customer to Takumis’ presence and involvement in the U.S.A. automotive racing sector.

    Takumi is a well-established brand and there are 300 machines in America alone manufacturing parts for automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

    Takumi have been manufacturing high precision machine tools for over 30 years and, having established themselves in Asia, have expanded into Europe and the U.S.A. Their product range includes vertical, 5-axis and bridge-type machining centres, all being available in many configurations to suit individual applications.

    Our newest customer was also shown around a local manufacturing company in Indianapolis, Tree City Tool and Engineering, who manufacture automotive parts and have many Takumi machines such as the V10. The V10 is highly specified and cost effective as standard and can be available with a wide range of equipment to satisfy specific production requirements.

    They also visited another local manufacturing company called Dreyer & Reinbold Racing who manufacture racing parts using an H10 and a U600. The U600 is a 5-axis machine which offers manufacturers high speed machining and outstanding surfaces finishes. The high-speed bridge mill H10 has exceptional rigidity achieved by 4-6 roller blocks per guideway and the headstocks have been designed shorter and lighter to decrease deflection.

    After visiting these two companies there was a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as Dreyer and Reinbold Racing make components for the race teams and, during the visit, they saw assembly of the vehicles displaying the Takumi logo on the spoilers.

    As evidence of long term reliability of Takumi machines another company, Instrumedical Technologies, have been using Takumi vertical machining centres for over 20 years manufacturing medical components. Take a look at the video below for more information.


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