The New Compact Double Column 5-axis Machining Centres


    The New Compact Double Column 5-axis Machining Centres

    The New Compact Double Column 5-axis Machining Centres
    Wednesday 12 August 2020 1:46:17 PM45 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Leader CNC Technologies is proud to be designated as Main Dealer Europe for Shibaura Machine (previously known as TOSHIBA MACHINE), now with access to more products and, through new Shibaura offices already opened in Europe, working more closely with its previously separate Divisions.

    The newest addition to Shibaura’s double column 5-axis machining centres is the MP-(5C) series. The series has two high quality models within the series, the MP-1610(C) and MP-2618(5C), both offering variations of size tables and travels for different manufacturers.

    Unlike other 5-axis machines which use a vertical Z-axis ram and in-built spindle motor, the MP-(5C) machines use a fixed position swivelling spindle carrier with a 37kW motor developing 300N.m of torque, the vertical travel being achieved through the elevating rail. This configuration, together with full rotary table, provides the MP-(5C) series with extremely high metal removing capabilities with considerable time saving for manufacturing large components.

    For more information on the MP-(5C) series or other Shibaura products why not visit our products page – and stay up-to-date with the latest product releases by following us on LinkedIn & Twitter.


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