Birmingham Engineering Company Invest in Second Sliding Head


    Birmingham Engineering Company Invest in Second Sliding Head

    Birmingham Engineering Company Invest in Second Sliding Head
    Thursday 25 March 2021 4:03:32 PM13 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Leader CNC Technologies are pleased to announce the second investment in a Nomura NN-25UB8 by a Birmingham based company. Their first Nomura sliding head was installed last year and has been manufacturing complex components in the automotive sector and to meet demands of a significant order.

    Nomura DS, our newest principal based in South Korea, have been manufacturing quality sliding head lathes for over 70 years. Their high precision, durability and innovation are perfect for large volume production of aerospace, medical and automotive parts. Nomura also manufacture tapping centres which are capable of machining components to precise accuracies and at high speeds to maximise productivity.

    The impressive NN-25UB8 has options of various controls but the customer has selected the Mitsubishi M80 control for his particular machine. The standard machining capacity is Ø25mm in diameter and 200mm long but, in order to be able to machine longer parts up to 240mm long, the company has included the option of adding an optional pipe ejection unit. The UB8 can also be supplied as a non-guide bush variant to minimise size of remnant and eccentric turning is also available. Options include 120bar high pressure coolant, with larger models in the UB Series capable of processing parts up to Ø42mm.

    For more information on the Nomura range visit or alternatively visit us on our social media channels below.


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