Birmingham Engineering Company Invest In Large VTL


    Birmingham Engineering Company Invest In Large VTL

    Birmingham Engineering Company Invest In Large VTL
    Friday 22 January 2021 11:31:05 AM98 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Leader CNC Technologies is pleased to announce that a Birmingham engineering company has placed an order on their first Shibaura [Toshiba] TUE-200(S) vertical borer.


    The TUE-200(S) is a large vertical turning lathe/borer and comes in different sizes and with many attachments such as angle heads to help manufacturers select the right machine depending on their application and floor space. The TUE-200(S) has a positional C-axis table and driven tools.

    Over many years, this impressive Japanese VTL has already built up a large presence on the U.K. manufacturing scene, with the machine being involved in producing components for the Oil & Gas, Defence, Aerospace and Automotive sectors all over the country. Its current users, machining sophisticated large components, have proved its reliability and quality, with machines installed over thirty years ago still in production.

    To add to the list of the various sectors to which it has already contributed, the TUE-200(S) will be manufacturing highly accurate hydraulic parts at the local Birmingham company, enhancing its already high quality facility. With this being their first Shibaura [Toshiba] Machine investment, we at Leader CNC Technologies are confident they won’t be disappointed.

    It is being delivered and installed in the next couple of months so, to stay up-to-date with our news, why not follow us on our social media channels. For more information on the Shibaura’s range visit the Products page for more details.


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