Leader unveil new partners at MACH 2020


    Leader unveil new partners at MACH 2020

    Leader unveil new partners at MACH 2020
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 1:46:39 PM32 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    At MACH 2020 Leader Chuck International will announce the details of its partnerships with five new companies that have been specially selected to extend the scope of the manufacturing efficiency and productivity enhancing range of solutions already supported by Leader in the UK and Eire.

    For more than 40 years, Swiss company pL Lehmann has been building compact, high precision CNC rotary tables. Within a minimum footprint on the worktable, starting at just 136 by 311 mm, these products offer not only a wide variety of workpiece clamping options, but also maximum use of the machine tools working envelope and travels.

    As Mark Jones, Managing Director, Leader Chuck International, explains: “These compact, innovative CNC rotary tables are designed to meet the needs for economical production of very small to medium-sized workpieces in the machining industry. By minimising the footprint needed to fit the rotary unit on the machine’s worktable the machine can be set up and ready to run, whereby typical 3-axis machining operations can be conducted on one end of the worktable while the forth-axis rotary unit remains fixed on the other.”

    With just four basic sizes of rotary tables covering from 100 to 500 mm diameter, Lehmann cover the performance range required by most machine shops. Rotational speeds up to 210 rpm provide a 90o index in just 0.21 seconds. A feed torque of up to 750 Nm combined with heavy duty bearing allow high spindle loads for aggressive cutting strategies

    Manufacturing precision tool holders for the global manufacturing industry sectors, KTA Spindle Tooling’s adds a comprehensive range of hydraulic tool holding chucks to Leaders’ extensive portfolio. With more than three decades experience in the design and manufacture of tool holders and a production capacity of 10,000 holders per month, extensive stock is held at the company’s facility in southern Germany for timely delivery.

    KTA operates to an accredited ISO-9001 Quality Management System and the products, including  hydraulic expansion chucks, shrink fit holders, tapping chucks for synchronized tapping cycles, tapping chucks operating on expansion and compression, ER collet chucks, face mill holders, Weldon holders, are produced to very tight tolerances and balanced to G 2.5 (vibration velocity in mm/s) at 25,000 RPM. Hydraulic chucks are, by design, easy to use and maintain, and with reduction sleeves can be used for drilling, reaming and milling operations. All these chucks are guaranteed run out accuracy of less than 5 micron which supports extended tool life tool and machine tool operational longevity.

    Hydraulic chucks provide high accuracy, typically 0.003 mm, and repeatability with exceptional torque transfer of cutting forces. They are ideal for mould & die making as well as the machining of precision automotive and aerospace components. Available mounts include BT, KBT, SK and HSK, CAT, Cylindrical Shank, VDI Shank and ER.

    With over 60 years’ experience, FIAL produce a range of manual chucks for conventional and CNC lathes and turning centres that are fully interchangeable with all leading popular brands. Following the recent partnership agreement between the two companies, full pre- and post-sales support for the FIAL range in UK and Eire will be provided by Leader Chuck International’s experienced and knowledgeable workholding engineering specialists.

    Manufactured in Italy under ISO 9001 accreditation and CE marked the chucks are available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-jaw formats with self-centring or independent jaw operations. Chucks from 125 mm diameter up to 630 mm diameter are available ex-stock from FIAL’s warehouse, where real-time product tracking controls stock chucks valued at over £1 million. Larger chucks, up to 1,250 mm diameter are available to order on very short lead times. Direct spindle mounts supported include AFA 2 (DIN 55026) American short taper; D1 Camlock (DIN 22029); Type C – stud mount (DIN 55027).

    Another highly regarded Italian company that will use MACH 2020 to launch its partnership with Leader is Tecnologie FRB. Based in Bologna, FRB has built a global reputation for the design and manufacture of live centres and face drivers for turning, grinding and hobbing machines.

    Mark Jones says: “From the mid-1960s, Tecnologie FRB has been developing a full range of face drivers for turning, grinding, and gear cutting operations, aiming at meeting the needs of all industry customers.”

    Its face drivers can fit any workpiece holder, ranging from 5 to over 300 mm diameter, with the classic spring-operated system to the most advanced hydraulically operated system.

    Manufacturing high quality face drivers for over 50 years, only one thing has never changed: the FRB patented balancing and holding system. Being completely mechanical and technologically advanced it still ensures absolute reliability, constant repeatability of the results and unparalleled holding capacity.

    Over the same time period, the FRB live centres have been considered one of the best options for all mechanical processes using machine tools. Starting with the timeless FRB patented 65, 80 and 85 live centre series with axial load distribution, the company’s ongoing research and development has produced the latest 2000, 2006 and 2008 series. Today, a wide variety of revolving centres equipped with Morse tapers ranging in size are available, with standard or special features to fit any requirement.

    For the clamping of challenging workpieces, SFT Spannsysteme GmbH, located in southern Bavaria is synonymous for smart and innovative high-precision clamping technology. The company offers a wide range of intelligent and highly innovative multi-purpose clamping solutions for machining operations, including the 5-Axis Multiple Clamping device, as well as the Zentro and Smart vice ranges.

    The new SFT two-in-one 5-axis or multiple clamping device has several innovative features. A highly flexible, modular jaw system with positive-locking jaw connection at 40 kN. A 4-tonne clamping force can be achieved with just 85 Nm of torque.

    The SFT Zentro centric vice is said to be ideal for high-precision manufacturing with internal and external clamping capability. Repeatable accuracy is just 5 micron from the very high rigidity, modular jaw system design that offers 30 different jaw designs as standard. An enclosed spindle removes concerns of swarf ingress.

    Convertible from centrical to double-centrical operation, or for clamping against fixed jaw and/or double-clamping against fixed jaw, the SFT Smart vice is ideal for clamping small parts with outstanding versatility. Offering up to 15 kN clamping force with jaw widths of 22, 32 and 42 mm.


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