New Widia Milling & Turning Lines to Receive MACH Debut

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    New Widia Milling & Turning Lines to Receive MACH Debut

    New Widia Milling & Turning Lines to Receive MACH Debut
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 2:19:17 PM37 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    With MACH 2020 rapidly approaching, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is relishing the opportunity to introduce its UK manufactured cutting tool innovations, as well as the very latest technology from partners such as BIG KAISER, Bass, Stock, Lexington, Kemmler and of course, Widia

    On Stand 555 in Hall 20, the Tamworth cutting tool experts will once be taking MACH by storm with its aesthetically attractive stand design that will be crammed with new technology, much of which will be supplied via technology partner Widia. Recognised for the quality and longevity of its solid carbide end mills, Widia will be giving a MACH premiere to its new range of 4U50 and 4U80 shallow pitch roughing cutters. Perfect for stainless steel and high-temperature alloys, the new solid carbide end mills demonstrate reliable consistent performance at higher machining parameters when conducting prolonged machining cycles on challenging aerospace grade materials.

    Designated as shallow pitch roughing tools for high material removal rates in the aerospace industry, the new Widia 4U50 and 4U80 Series is available with four or six cutting edges with a harmonically designed flute geometry and the choice of a short cut length (4U50 Series) for superior rigidity or a regular cut length (4U80 Series) with both enhanced cutting performance and stability when conducting heavy-duty roughing.

    Complementing the new 4U50 and 4U80 at MACH 2020 will be the extended Victory X-Feed (VXF) high-feed milling range of indexable milling cutters. Available as screw-on, cylindrical, Weldon and shell mill variants, the VXF demonstrates astounding flexibility with the ability to undertake facing, 3D profiling, pocket milling, contour, deep pocket, helical interpolation and Z-axis contour plunge milling. At MACH, ITC will be giving an exhibition debut to the new VXF-07, VXF-09 and VXF-16 insert designations; dimensions that will increase the appeal and capabilities of this innovative range.

    For 90-degree shoulder milling, ITC will once again introduce MACH visitors to the VSM platform and in particular, the new VSM11 and VSM17 helical cutters. Receiving their MACH debut, the VSM11 and VSM17 are available with screw-on, Weldon, cylindrical, shell mill and the M4000 cartridge type milling cutters. This comprehensive offering provides manufacturers with a highly productive 90-degree shoulder milling solution with diameters ranging from 16mm all the way up to 315mm. With aggressive ramping capability, an optimised chip-gash and internal through-coolant supply, the new VSM improves productivity, stability and performance when machining stainless steel and high-temperature alloys.

    Whilst the quality of the Widia solid carbide and indexable milling lines is beyond reproach, ITC will also be keen to draw the attention of MACH visitors to the comprehensive line of Widia turning products. Another new series making its MACH premiere will be the WGC Series of grooving, profiling and parting-off tools. The WGC range is available with a variety of modular toolholders for grooving and profiling with a selection of blade type toolholders for parting operations. To enhance grooving performance, ITC will showcase the new precision moulded and ground WGC grooving inserts that demonstrate high side-load stability, easy indexing, improved seating stability and protective ‘horns’ to eliminate chip-jamming. With a multitude of PVD grades and a positive rake design, the new WGC grooving line is destined to give turning shops a huge productivity boost. For more details on the expansive range of Widia product launches at MACH, and the UK manufactured ITC brand of cutting tools, visit Stand 555 in Hall 20 at the Birmingham NEC from 20th to 24th April.


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