ITC To Launch Host of Tooling Premieres at MACH

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    ITC To Launch Host of Tooling Premieres at MACH

    ITC To Launch Host of Tooling Premieres at MACH
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 2:15:09 PM17 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    As the industry’s leading cutting tool manufacturer for machining aluminium and challenging aluminium alloys, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be using the MACH 2020 exhibition to introduce the latest additions to its line of UK manufactured cutting tools.

    On Stand 555 in Hall 20, the Tamworth manufacturer will be introducing the unfathomable depth of solid carbide cutting tool solutions that have given ITC the reputation as the UK’s leading tooling manufacturer. With a specialism that has propelled ITC to leaders in the aerospace and motorsport sectors, the company will introduce new additions to the aluminium range that includes the 3202 Series, the 3203 Series and also the 3204 and 4204 Series of high-performance end mills. These new tools will be accompanied by the latest range of new steel, hardened steel and CFRP machining tools from ITC and Widia, all supported by specialist solutions from BIG KAISER.

    With ITC’s trochoidal milling range being expanded through 2019, examples of these tools will appear alongside the new 3-flute 3204 Series and the 4-flute 4204 Series of long-series end mills with chip breakers. Both the 3-flute and 4-flute end mills have been manufactured from a micro-grain carbide that has been developed with a radical new geometry design that offers remarkable core strength and rigidity. This new geometry enables high-feed machining for prolonged periods with maximum material removal rates. With stability assured, end users can run the new 3204 and 4204 end mills at unsurpassed speeds and feeds when reaching into deep cavities and machining side faces. This geometry design has been adopted by the new 3202 Series of ball-nosed 3-flute end mills that offer a centre cutting design that makes the new 3202 Series the best tool in the market for scanning complex forms and surfaces that other tools cannot reach. The new 3-flute 3204 Series and the 4-flute 4204 Series are available in diameters from 6 to 20mm whilst the ball nosed 3202 is offered in diameters from 3mm to 20mm – all available with an overall length of 150mm and a flute length of 80mm.

    For machining steel and exotic materials, ITC will be giving a MACH debut to the impressive new 6071-F Series of 6-flute high-performance end mills. Adding to the already extensive line of trochoidal end mills, the new 6071-F Series has a geometry design and composition that is perfect for cutting hard materials. The centre cutting stub length tools incorporate a harmonic fluting design that minimises vibration and extends tool life. Combining the harmonic flute design with the shallow flute depth and thick core design, the new Cupro coated end mills improve surface finishes, reduce stress on both the tool and the machine spindle whilst improving heat dissipation from the cutting area. Available in diameters from 6mm to 16mm, with an overall length from 40 to 72mm, the engineers have restricted the flute length from 10 to 24mm to instil absolute rigidity and performance.

    To further prolong tool life and stability when undertaking high feed cutting, the 6071-F Series is also available with a number of corner radii. With radius options from 0.25mm to 1mm, the 6071-F Series is the perfect end mill for prolonged machining on particularly hard materials.

    As well as giving a MACH debut to a host of new innovations, the Midlands manufacturer will be keen to introduce the latest Widia series of solid carbide end mills and indexable end mills, shell mills and face mills – not to mention the extensive range of indexable turning lines. As always, ITC will be supporting the cutting tool lines with toolholders, collets, chucks arbors and accessories from BIG KAISER. The high-end Swiss manufacturer will also have angle heads, speed increasers, boring tools, pre-setters and measuring equipment on ITC’s MACH stand. For further details on the latest innovations to make their MACH premiere at the Birmingham NEC from 20th to 24th April, please contact ITC or visit Stand 555 in Hall 20 at the show.


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