ITC Launches Latest Line of UK Manufactured High-End Mills

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    ITC Launches Latest Line of UK Manufactured High-End Mills

    ITC Launches Latest Line of UK Manufactured High-End Mills
    Monday 5 October 2020 4:35:05 PM63 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    High speed and high feed machining of aluminium have now been taken to a new level of productivity with the arrival of the new 4204 Series of solid carbide end mills from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) Ltd.

    Available from the UK’s leading manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools for machining aluminium, the new 4204 Series is ideal for high-speed and high-feed cutting of aluminium and aerospace-grade alloys.

    The 4204 Series is a long series four flute end mill for deep cavity and profile machining of aluminium. The new series is available in diameters that include 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20mm with a length of cut from 35 to 80mm. The 6 to 12mm diameter end mills are available with an overall length of 100mm and the 16 and 20mm cutters have a long-reach length of 150mm. Despite this remarkably deep reach potential, the R&D engineers have exceeded the performance of previous product lines in terms of stability and rigidity.

    With ITC’s new chip breaker technology, strengthened core diameter and ITC’s cutting-edge geometry design, the new 4204 Series guarantees exceptional material removal rates, especially when cutting ‘difficult to reach’ surfaces. Furthermore, the centre cutting geometry makes this new series perfect for trochoidal machining and plunging into deep cavities. For further details on how the 4204 Series can significantly enhance your aluminium machining performance, please contact your local ITC representative. Alternately, you can download the ITC App via or view the online catalogue via where you can access the most comprehensive range of UK manufactured cutting tools.


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