18 Month ROI When You Automate With Halter


    18 Month ROI When You Automate With Halter

    18 Month ROI When You Automate With Halter
    Wednesday 9 September 2020 3:20:55 PM88 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Thanks to our very close co-operation with almost all CNC machine manufacturers, ‘custom packages’ have now been developed for the automation of most CNC machines, probably yours as well.

    By automating your CNC machine(s) with a HALTER loading robot, you’ll realise a considerable increase in your production without the need for extra personnel. In fact, you’ll be able to deploy your professionals much more efficiently. Over 90% of our customers achieve a payback period of less than 18 months, so their investment pays for itself within a year and a half.


    Thanks to the experience we have built up through many hundreds of installations, we have developed customised packages for almost every CNC machine. Within one day, the HALTER LoadAssistant can be installed at your premises and linked to your CNC machine. Immediately after this, we’ll train your employees so that they can get to work immediately to increase your efficiency.

    Following this, we will immediately train your employees so that they can get to work increasing your productivity and make your process more efficient.

    Our offer

    Because of our way of working, the numbers of machines sold and the experience we have built up, we can deliver quickly and very cost-efficiently. Complete turnkey customised packages for specific CNC machines are now on average about 17% cheaper than if you were to order everything ‘separately’.

    If you let us know via the button below which CNC machine(s) you would like to automate, we will make a razor-sharp offer from us, with options for financing and deferred payment.

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