Guhring Stock Standards & Manufacture Specials to Support Covid-19 Challenge

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    Guhring Stock Standards & Manufacture Specials to Support Covid-19 Challenge

    Guhring Stock Standards & Manufacture Specials to Support Covid-19 Challenge
    Sunday 17 May 2020 2:48:39 PM54 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Social media is currently ‘alight’ with UK engineers doing the country proud in meeting the ‘Ventilator Challenge UK’ demand to support the battle against the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Likewise, the supply chain is flying the flag for UK manufacturing with its response to keeping this critical infrastructure in motion.

    As part of this supply chain, Guhring UK has stepped up to the plate with the critical supply of cutting tools in a way that is beyond compare. As a UK manufacturer with a factory floor space of over 60,000sq/ft, Guhring UK is holding in excess of £5m of standard cutting tool stock items. This stock is being directed to both F1, Aerospace and Medical OEM’s involved in the ‘Ventilator Challenge UK’ as well as the subcontract supply chain. In fact, with the impact of the pandemic on imports and the wider supply chain, Guhring UK is even supplying its products to recognised cutting tool manufacturers and competitors that cannot meet the urgent demands of their customer base.

    Despite Guhring UK holding a plentiful stock of thousands of standard cutting tool items for next day delivery, it is the UK manufacture and coating of special tools that are really ‘saving the bacon’ for pockets of the supply chain at such a critical time. One particular customer, Bellurgan Precision Engineering Ltd based in Ireland urgently required a 3-step special drill for the production of ventilator components, Guhring stepped up to the mark delivering within 48 hours. Within that 48-hour time frame, Guhring UK had liaised with Bellurgan, designed and created a tool drawing that was subsequently approved and then the race was on. The Guhring UK team immediately manufactured 16 identical tools at its Birmingham headquarters and coated all tools in-house with its Signum coating technology before delivery to Bellurgan Precision in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland.

    Guhring UK is one of the only UK cutting tool manufacturers that can achieve this as its design, development, manufacturing, coating and delivery departments are all working to continue ‘service as normal’ – even during a pandemic! So, if you are taking up your role as part of this critical infrastructure, Guhring UK is here to help you face the challenges that demand new and innovative cutting tool solutions. At times like these, you can put your confidence in a UK manufacturer like Guhring UK to service all of your cutting tool requirements.


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