Digitization and partnerships make a holistic approach for DMG MORI

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    Digitization and partnerships make a holistic approach for DMG MORI

    Digitization and partnerships make a holistic approach for DMG MORI
    Tuesday 14 April 2020 8:23:41 AM42 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    DMG MORI understands that its role in the customer / supplier relationship is changing from a traditional product and service provider to an excellence and solution partner for future oriented technology, automation solutions and digitization, now that customers are evaluating investment decisions and functionality on a holistic level, according to Christian Thönes, CEO of DMG MORI AG,

    DMG MORI is emphasising its role as an excellence and solution partner through, digital solutions with myDMGMORI and Tulip and ease of ownership with DMG MORI Finance, to add to its 52 automation options to go with its 150 different machine models, advanced additive manufacture technology and its DMQP partnership program.

    Digital Solutions

    The myDMGMORI customer portal has exceeded the DMG MORI’s wildest expectations with over 4000 customers signing up within four months of launch and an anticipated 20,000 registering by the end of 2020. 

    The free online portal for interactive cooperation between DMG MORI and its customers enables service requests with the option of attaching photos or videos at the press of a button at a time convenient to the customer. Transparency thanks to the track & trace function allows you to follow the status of your service request and there is also the ability to store all commercial and technical documents related to your machinery. With this capability, customers are put in the request fast lane with information passed directly to the correct DMG MORI service expert.

    TULIP is designed to make it much easier for companies to get started in digital manufacturing. Rather than forcing employees on the shop floor into a strict set of guidelines from the “top down,” TULIP provides them with creative and simple digital tools via a no-code platform. They can use it to write their own personal digitalization script – without the need for any IT or programming skills. Every individual scene of a process can be described and visualized on the TULIP platform using existing or self-created APPs.

    DMG MORI Finance

    DMG MORI Finance is in a unique position to understand the needs of manufacturing businesses together with the technical benefits that can be generated through investing in DMG MORI advanced technology, resulting in increased revenue and profits.

    DMG MORI Finance and its intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the industry has enabled it to take a future related view on machine tool investment. Instead of concentrating almost exclusively on historic financials, DMG MORI Finance can place priority on the intended outcome of the investment as it is funded by DMG MORI itself and, can offer multiple solutions to make investment easier. Steve Finn, Managing Director of DMG MORI UK says, “DMG MORI Finance is a pivotal tool in the process of our business, many companies value the opportunity to have us work on the entire life cycle of their enquiry, creating a truly one stop shop. Furthermore, because we understand the real value of our products, the customer’s monthly payments for our products are often less than our competitors who may be offering a cheaper headline price for their products.”



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