Daimler Trucks and Siemens will collaborate to create an integrated digital engineering platform

Siemens Digital Industries Software and Daimler Truck AG  announced a new collaboration to develop a cutting-edge digital engineering platform based on the Siemens Xcelerator software and services portfolio. The new platform, which will be scaled out globally across Daimler Trucks’ engineering hubs, brands, and business divisions, will enable Daimler Truck to explore a future of commercial vehicle innovation, efficient product development, and lifecycle management of trucks and buses.

The new digital platform will broaden Daimler Truck’s use of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio by implementing Teamcenter software for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Bill of Materials (BOM) management as its future standard PLM solution. This environment brings together and unifies the workflows, systems, and associated mechanical design, electrical design, and simulation data from the Daimler Truck teams. This builds on Daimler Truck’s previous use of Siemens Xcelerator solutions, such as NX software for product engineering.


Daimler Truck has undertaken a digitalization initiative to shift away from Daimler AG legacy systems since its creation as an independent business, with the strategic objective of leading sustainable transportation with intelligent IT advances. Daimler Truck is pursuing a defined technical strategy to produce future trucks and buses that will be powered by both electric battery and hydrogen-based propulsion in a carbon-neutral future. These vehicles are also likely to become more sophisticated as digitalization advances, enabling next-generation service offerings such as autonomous haulage.

Daimler Truck is implementing a global platform approach, which implies that the guiding philosophy of designing essential components and vehicle platforms once and then scaling them internationally across brands and markets is central to the company’s strategy. Daimler Truck chose Siemens as the technology and implementation provider to construct this next-generation engineering digital environment because it requires cloud-based worldwide cooperation and a unified digital engineering system platform.