ZCC Cutting Tools show off their huge range at MACH 2022

ZCC Cutting Tools who have been manufacturing cutting tools since the 1950’s launch their new VPM range of end mills at MACH 2022, available in two versions, cylindrical and QCH screw in version with it’s unique conical thread. Also the GD drill with feed rates up to .4 .5 per rev.

The TM series of cutters for heat resistant materials developed with engineers from the UK & Germany producing ground breaking feed rates and massive tool life. If you are working in aluminium , cast iron, P grade steels & special steels ZCC have products for every discipline. Also new for Mach 2022 is 1mm 3xD & 5xD cutter with through coolant, in stock. Christian Southern from ZCC tells Rowan at MTDCNC that their parent company, Minmetals, produces 80% plus of the carbide mined in the world. Food for thought indeed.

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