New high-speed machining technology & OEM partnerships at the Brother European Dealer Event 2023

Are you interested in some of the fastest machine tools in the world? The Brother European Dealer Event 2023 in Frankfurt displayed some brilliant innovations that you can get your hands on! MTDCNC’s Giovanni Albanese visits the spectacular event that brings together Brother’s hot-off-the-press flexible machining technology and their strategic partnerships with machine tool OEMs. The experts at Whitehouse Machine Tools, Bromi, Blum Novotest, and Naglis share what makes Brother a perfect partner for reliable high-speed machining, including their innovative small-footprint and 5-axis simultaneous turning, horizontal spindle, flexible FEEDIO, and standardized package solutions. With machines that are super-fast, simple, and compact, Brother has a high-performance solution to help customers save real estate space and automate low-batch work without compromising on quality.

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