Discover the Leadwell BC-600: The Versatile Vertical Machining Center Every Subcontractor Needs

Ever struggled with the need for a more versatile machining setup? Imagine a world where one machine accommodates the plethora of tasks you encounter daily. We explore the Leadwell BC-600, a vertical machining centre that is far more than what meets the eye.

Our host Rowan Easter-Robinson guides you through this marvel at EMO 2023 in Hannover. The Leadwell BC-600 isn’t just another VMC; it’s built to cater to the versatile needs of subcontractors. The unique selling point? It’s C-Axis is integrated right into the machine bed, allowing for full 5-axis simultaneous machining.

One noteworthy feature is the machine’s 600mm table, which can manage 600mm diameter parts. When you need it, lock the C-Axis to utilise it as a standard VMC, ensuring you never sacrifice capacity. With an optional turning feature on the C-Axis, this machine can do it all—from threading to finishing large components.

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