Get maximum precision and accuracy on huge parts from this massive Soraluce machine!

This might just be one of the biggest machines you’ve ever seen! Join Tom Skubala of MTDCNC and Lander Ugarte of Soraluce as they discuss the PMG 14000 portal type gantry machine from the pioneer of massive linear solutions. Designed for high-capacity production and large metallic structures, this multi-tasking beast has 14,000 mm of longitudinal travel, 5,500 mm cross travel, and 2,000 mm vertical travel. With a 43 kW and 6,000 RPM direct drive spindle, this machine is able to mill from 5 sides in a single clamping! Soraluce’s patented Dynamic Active Stabiliser system reduces chatter to boost part quality. Check out the full video to learn more about Soraluce’s PMG 14000 and how it solves traditional machining issues.

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