HAINBUCH showcase gun manufacturing technology at Shot Show 2023 in Vegas

Tony Gunn of MTDCNC interviews Tom Chambers of HAINBUCH for a deep dive into the famous and world-renowned HAINBUCH technology and how it can help in manufacturing guns. HAINBUCH work with gun manufacturers to provide solutions for round parts such as barrels, silencers, and scopes. With an extra 25% rigidity, HAINBUCH workholding solutions enable simplicity in lights out running to deliver improved processes, greater efficiency, higher accuracy, heavier tool cuts, better tool life, faster feed rates, and a drastic reduction in setup and cycle times. HAINBUCH are also an engineering company with both standard and custom solutions, and that means they can find workholding for whatever you have on your shop floor! Watch the video to find out how HAINBUCH can support gun manufacturing with their innovative solutions.

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