What does JKP Engineering have to say about Dormer Pramet?

JKP Engineering were introduced to Dormer Pramet through HURCO, and the relationship has only grown since then! Andrew Holt of JKP Engineering explains why Dormer Pramet tooling is a great match for the milling, turning, and wire EDM work at their subcontract engineering shop. Working with every material from titaniums and high-temperature alloys right down to plastics, JKP Engineering experienced considerable benefits after using Dormer Pramet milling and turning tools. Continuously improving over time, JKP Engineering were able to reduce cycle times from 40 minutes down to 16 minutes, ultimately leading to higher profitability. Hear more from Andrew as he talks about Dormer Pramet’s excellent service and support that gives JKP Engineering the confidence to select the right tools for their work in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and R&D sectors.

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