Check out this time-saving tool!

Eric Hulen interviews Bill Upchurch at IMTS 2022 to talk about their new time-saving tool, the Spinworx, and to dig into the decades-old relationship between Starrag Machine Tools and Pokolm, two innovative and customer-driven leaders in tooling. Both companies work together to process parts for the aerospace industry. The combination of machinery from Starrag and high-end tooling from Pokolm helps the companies provide the precision and tight tolerances for customers to improve profits. Bill shares key information on machining landing gear for large aircraft and explains the Spinworx, Pokolm’s tool, with self-rotating inserts, that allows for 25% more time in the cut! Catch all the details in the video to know how Pokolm is able to achieve 10 hours of continuous titanium machining with the Spinworx, and why Starrag is an excellent partner for complex machining.

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