The SolidCAM UK Technology Centre proves just how easy it is to create any shape

Thanks to the powerful tool kit inside SolidCAM, users can easily and freely create just about any tool. Tom Skubala of MTDCNC is with Ben Miller of SolidCAM to see how design and programming challenges are overcome when machining complex shapes. From drawing the component and using surface modelling through to bending the part, there can be a number of issues that come with machining difficult parts. SolidCAM use the right machining strategies and tools to get those perfect results, and Ben explains how they’re able to achieve such beautiful finishes without any polishing. The SolidCAM software allows the flexibility to cut and shape materials with new iMachining strategies, offering optimal cutting conditions and reduced cycle times. Watch how SolidCAM works to produce a leaf design that may otherwise seem like a nightmare to machine!

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