Renishaw Unleashes RenAM 500 Ultra: Turbocharging Metal Additive Manufacturing with Cutting-Edge Speed and Quality

Renishaw has expanded its RenAM 500 series of laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) systems with the introduction of the RenAM 500 Ultra AM system. This system is designed to significantly reduce build times by up to 50%, offering metal additive manufacturing (AM) users the capability to produce parts faster without compromising quality.

The RenAM 500 Ultra system retains all the existing advantages of the RenAM 500 series, featuring innovative optical, chamber, and gas-flow design. It introduces the productivity-enhancing Tempus technology and advanced process monitoring software.

The Tempus technology integrates new scanning algorithms that enable the laser to operate while the recoater is in motion, resulting in time savings of up to nine seconds per build layer. Additionally, the advanced process monitoring software of the RenAM 500 Ultra provides detailed insights into the build process, offering users valuable data and real-time visibility during production.

As the latest addition to the RenAM 500 family, the RenAM 500 Ultra joins models like the Flex system, optimized for R&D purposes, and the powder recirculation model for series production. The entire RenAM 500 family is available with either one (500S) or four (500Q) high-powered lasers, each capable of accessing the entire powder bed simultaneously.

Original source MMSonline

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