Ethernet Vs Wireless

In this day and age, there is almost an expectation that everything could (or should) be run using a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Whilst Wi-Fi provides a level of convenience it has its downsides, particularly in industrial environments. There are still many benefits to using Ethernet cabled connections, however, as we will outline in the article below.


The strength of Wi-Fi connections can vary based on environmental factors, which can have a major impact on the network speed achieved. Wi-Fi signals may encounter limited coverage over long distances, especially through walls or obstacles, or bandwidth congestion when multiple devices are connected. Ethernet networks, however, maintain a consistent connection speed up to 100m and, if shielded cabling is used, are suitable in industrial facilities.


Wi-Fi is prone to drops, or in some industrial areas cannot reach the highest speeds required for decent performance. Hardwired connections are far more reliable, with each Ethernet connection representing a dedicated full-speed line with lower latency. Ethernet connections are not subject to interference from other devices or environmental factors, providing a more consistent and reliable network performance.


An Ethernet connection has far better security than a Wi-Fi connection. Unless someone can physically attach a device to your network there is no way for anyone to breach your data. Data on a Wi-Fi connection travels through the air and can be captured more easily. This emphasises the importance of having a clear security policy governing the devices that can connect to your network.


With time always of the essence in the current climate, another major benefit is how easy cabled connections are to set up; the user simply has to connect an Ethernet cable from one socket to another! There’s no confusion regarding specifications – most Ethernet links use standard RJ45 connectors.

Whilst Wi-Fi is great for domestic and casual purposes, where the majority of services used are web-based, an Ethernet connection triumphs over Wi-Fi for accessing data locally on a network – particularly in an industrial environment. With the speed, reliability, security and ease of connection that it offers, it really is a no-brainer!

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