Class Leading EDM Machines from ONA

ONA are a Spanish manufacture of EDM machines based in the Basque region. They have been manufacturing EDM machines for 70 years and have over 15,000 machines installed across 60 countries making ONA a well established and supported manufacturer of EDM machines. Richard and Amy Whiles from CNC International Services, the UK & Ireland agent for ONA EDM machines tells MTDCNC’s Colin that ONA offer great flexibility with a large range of machines in both size and cost, and the capability for machines to be customised to end users requirements. With machines operating at up to 400 amps, currently the worlds most powerful on the market and their advanced 100% fully digital EDM generator gives the ability to reduce wear rates by up to 500% and cycle times by over 50%. ONA’s Smart Connect software is able to offer remote monitoring and support of their machines. It can also provide parts traceability, vital in aerospace and other key sectors. Huge investment in R&D over the years has enabled ONA to stay at the forefront of EDM machine design.

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