Double G explain why they should have bought this sliding head machine years ago!

Lyndsey Vickers of MTDCNC is at Double G Engineering in Coventry to find out more about their transition from a CITIZEN Miyano to a CITIZEN Cincom sliding head lathe. Robert Greenway of Double G Engineering shares the reasons behind their investment in the new technology and how it’s helped their subcontract machine shop revolutionise and produce perfectly accurate, milled, and complete parts without the need for multiple operations. As the operator for the machine, Louis Greenway explains how the ease of programming and the amazing Wizard software simplified the transition, making it super easy for Double G to be up and running in no time. Double G need parts on and off the machine as quickly as possible, and that’s exactly what they got. Find out how Double G were able to get up to speed, produce quality parts, and cut down on setup time with the CITIZEN Cincom sliding head lathe.

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