CITIZEN Miyano enables huge cycle time reduction and completely finished parts for CTPE!

How does the CITIZEN Miyano give CTPE the confidence to program the machine and walk away? Tom Skubala of MTDCNC meets Alex Taylor of CTPE to understand how they’ve achieved huge cycle time reductions as well as unattended running through the night! Previously using two operations to produce parts, CTPE were challenged with longer lead times and bird’s nesting that created problems with finishes and tolerances. The productive and efficient CITIZEN Miyano allows parts to come off completely deburred, finished, and requiring no handwork. The twin-spindle twin-turret machine allows for simultaneous and superimposed machining along with a movable sub-spindle that offers great clearance for large tools. Find out more about the advantages of a plug-and-play bar feeder on the machine and how CITIZEN’s Alkart Wizzard software makes the machine so easy to program!

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