ZF Group expands operations in Mexico

The ZF Group will expand its manufacturing capabilities in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to serve the expanding North American EV market. The organisation intends to invest over $194 million in the facility.

In the first phase, ZF intends to invest $150 million in a new facility in northern Mexico to produce the company’s inverter technology of the next generation. More than 22,000 square metres in size, the new

facility will “increase and complement regional manufacturing capabilities for multiple electric vehicle OEM customers.” In addition, the supplier claims it will create more than 500 new local jobs within four years and will promptly begin hiring.

“The e-mobility market continues to gain momentum in all major markets and ZF is investing to match the growth trajectory here in North America,” says John Hawkins, Vice President, Electrified Powertrain Technology, ZF Group. “This investment will further establish ZF as a leader in advanced e-mobility technologies and the inverters that contribute significantly to the efficiency and range of electric vehicles while providing growth and jobs in Juarez.”

Software and semiconductor advancements are said to enable the new inverters to “substantially improve the performance of e-motors.”

ZF already unveiled a new generation of electric drives for passenger automobiles and light commercial vehicles at the end of last year. These feature numerous component and system-level innovations. Beginning in 2025, ZF’s enhanced electric drives will be available as a complete system. However, the company will begin series production of individual components earlier.

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