Tungaloy-NTK America Inc. Unveils TungHeavyGroove for Heavy-Duty Grooving: Enhanced Inserts and Toolholders for Maximum Rigidity

Tungaloy-NTK America Inc. introduces the TungHeavyGroove grooving inserts and toolholders, a specialized solution designed for heavy-duty and wide-profile grooving applications. The TungHeavyGroove series incorporates an advanced insert clamping design aimed at achieving maximum tool rigidity, offering inserts in widths of 10, 15, 20, and 25 mm.

The newly introduced SHER-CHP toolholders feature durable enhancements that significantly boost tool reliability. Unlike traditional toolholders that lack direct support under the cutting edge, the SHER-CHP toolholder provides crucial support to the insert beneath its cutting edge, ensuring extra security under heavy cutting loads during machining. With a reinforced design boasting multiple contact faces, these toolholders maximize stability and rigidity, surpassing the performance of conventional counterparts.

Featuring a frontal coolant system, the TungHeavyGroove toolholders deliver high-pressure cutting fluid from the bottom to the flank face of the cutting edge. This innovative design improves chip evacuation and extends the tool life of inserts substantially. The dovetail insert clamping method ensures exceptional rigidity during aggressive wide grooving and profile grooving operations while maintaining process security.

The release includes ten new inserts, presenting two distinct geometries. The HGM grooving inserts, available in versatile AH8015 grade or T9215 grade optimized for high-speed machining of steel, incorporate a pressed-in chip former. Additionally, the HBL inserts are offered as blanks, allowing users to customize them into groove forms of up to 6.6 mm (0.260″) depth of cut, and are made from the TH10 uncoated carbide grade.

With a comprehensive lineup, the TungHeavyGroove series introduces 16 new square shank toolholders, catering to both metric and imperial sizes. The metric sizes include shank heights and widths of 25 × 25, 32 × 32, and 40 × 40 mm, while the imperial sizes offer 1″ × 1″, 1 ¼″ × 1 ¼″, and 1 ½″ × 1 ½″ options, providing versatile solutions for various machining needs.

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