The NHX 4000 from DMG MORI a game-changer for tool-changing systems!

With 1,600 tools ready for your automation cell and 12 pallets made by DMG MORI, the integration is perfect with the NHX 4000. Join Tony Gunn of MTDCNC as he interviews Shun Kawamura of DMG MORI to learn about their tool-change system and why it’s an incredible piece of machinery for automation cells. The NHX 4000 is equipped with a Linear Pallet Pool system, and the CTS services the machines and informs the operator when it lacks tools. The operator provides the machine with a list of the tools, and the machine will cover the rest with its automation capabilities! If you want to know how you can keep the spindles running without any downtime, get in touch with DMG MORI.

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