Ringspann Introduces BKDW Clamp Series for Precise Workpiece Clamping

Ringspann unveils the BKDW clamp series, featuring 10 sizes of taper collet flange mandrels equipped with identical connectors, boasting a remarkable running accuracy of ≤ 0.01 mm. This comprehensive series stands out with its diverse features, including the clamping range of the taper collet, diameter change, maximum transmissible torque, and the highest actuating force.

When paired with the FUSR-series spring force actuators, the BKDW series covers an extensive clamping range from 11.9 to 132 mm. The flange mandrels deliver maximum actuating forces ranging between 2,300 and 3,840 N, capable of transmitting torques from 11 to 25 Nm. The taper collet’s diameter expansion reaches a maximum of 1.2 mm, ensuring precision in workpiece clamping.

Each flange mandrel within the BKDW series comprises a taper collet with a draw bolt and a universal seating body, connecting it to the spring force actuator FUSR or the balancing machine’s intermediate flange. The draw bolt, linked to the power clamping device, activates the taper collet during clamping, facilitating radial expansion. This secure centering mechanism presses the workpiece against the backstop surface, ensuring alignment.

Ringspann offers versatility with the option of supplying the functional unit, comprising a taper collet and draw bolt with pre-centering. This configuration is designed for integration into fully automated systems equipped with handling systems.

Suitable for balancing both thin-walled and solid workpieces, the taper collet flange mandrels of the BKDW series accommodate maximum insertion depths ranging from 31.9 to 147.55 mm. For enhanced control and calibration of the clamping system, users can opt for an additional control balancing ring tailored to the specific clamping diameter. Ringspann’s BKDW clamp series emerges as a reliable solution for precision workpiece clamping, offering unmatched accuracy and versatility.

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