: Revolutionising Manufacturing Productivity: Advanced automation and robot cells in Ohio, USA

IC Automation in Ohio, United States is a control systems integrator supplying service through their implementation of automation and robot cells. Ivica Cacic says it best when he says “The only thing we sell is service”. IC Automation is an independent and platform-agnostic provider of advanced manufacturing cells. They will provide the right tools for the job based on specification. In this eye-opening video, we see one of their cells which features 2 robots running down a 19-metre rail tending 7 different machines. The accomplished goal was to run an entire machining shift and to take a part from start to finish. You’ll be blown away by the implementation of technology at play here, even metrology and inspection are catered for within the cell. If you’re looking to increase your output and efficiency and want to consider automation, you’d do well to contact MTDCNC or IC Automation.

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