Mitsubishi Electric Launches Cutting-Edge CNC Facility in Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru — Kennametal India Limited (KIL), a subsidiary of the global industrial technology leader Kennametal Inc., proudly announces the inauguration of its state-of-the-art Metal Cutting inserts manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, India. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of Sanjay Chowbey, Vice President of Kennametal Inc. and President of the Metal Cutting Segment, alongside Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan, Managing Director of KIL.

This cutting-edge facility, a crucial component of Kennametal Inc.’s global modernization initiative, is strategically positioned to meet the rising demand for Kennametal and WIDIA brand inserts from customers across India and beyond.

“Modernization at its core is about bringing value to our customers, and that’s exactly what we are doing with our new inserts facility in Bengaluru,” emphasized Sanjay Chowbey. “Through expanded capacity, advanced equipment, and a highly skilled workforce, we will bring improved quality, product performance, innovation, and delivery to our customers, empowering them to build better every day.”

Unveiling the Power of CNC Systems

In the era of technological advancement, numerical controls have evolved into the sophisticated world of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) systems. These systems, such as the ones championed by Mitsubishi Electric, play a pivotal role in diverse applications, ranging from simple turning to complex machining.

CNC systems are the backbone of automated machine tools, 3D printers, and various devices, transforming manufacturing processes. Controlled by sequential programs like G-code or M-code, these systems operate through software-programmed microcontrollers, minimizing manual intervention and delivering precise outputs.

“Mitsubishi Electric looks ahead to partner with the brands that are focused on global and future-oriented development,” highlighted the company spokesperson. “CNC machining is a widely used process in the manufacturing industry, and our cutting-edge CNC systems are designed to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries, including electronics and healthcare.”

CNC Revolution in India’s Manufacturing Landscape

India’s manufacturing sector has witnessed a positive impact with the integration of CNC machines. Renowned for their advantages, including increased productivity, higher-quality products, shorter development times, and higher profits, CNC machines have become indispensable in aerospace, electronics, defense, manufacturing, industrial, and medical domains.

“Without CNC machines, manufacturers would face challenges such as hiring more workers, difficulties in replicating specific products, and various operational hurdles,” pointed out an industry expert. “CNC machines provide a comprehensive solution, streamlining operations and ensuring precision in manufacturing.”

Mitsubishi Electric’s Contribution to CNC Excellence

Mitsubishi Electric, a global leader in the sales and manufacturing of electrical and electronic products and systems, offers cutting-edge Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) designed for efficiency, precision, and ease of use. The M800/M80 Series, E80 Series, C80 Series, and other CNC control systems from Mitsubishi Electric are at the forefront of delivering higher accuracy and smoother operation.

“Our CNC features are designed to help in the production of high-quality products with the utmost efficiency and standardized quality,” emphasized the Mitsubishi Electric spokesperson.

Pioneering Initiatives by Mitsubishi Electric for Enhanced Support

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced several initiatives to enhance support and services for its CNC systems:

  1. Extended Warranty Contract (EWC): Offering priority response, low operating costs, and a lower EWC price, this initiative ensures minimal downtime and an extended machine lifespan.
  2. Preventive Maintenance (PM): A well-structured preventive maintenance plan focuses on keeping shop machines running smoothly, improving output efficiencies, increased uptime, and improved profit margins.
  3. CNC SS24 Round the Clock Support: With a dedicated toll-free line available 24/7, Mitsubishi Electric provides round-the-clock technical support to ensure hassle-free operations.
  4. Working Towards Self-Sufficiency: Aligning with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, Mitsubishi Electric India’s CNCs contribute to the nation’s self-sufficiency by offering reliable and high-quality solutions.

In summary, Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative CNC solutions, coupled with its strategic initiatives, position the company as a key player in India’s manufacturing landscape, supporting businesses on their journey towards precision, efficiency, and growth.

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