Incredible technology and automation solutions at Hydromat HQ in Missouri – Factory tour

From a garage and one machine to 250 employees and 30 machines today, Hydromat has seen some massive growth in manufacturing. Tony Gunn of MTDCNC visits the Hydromat HQ in St. Louis Missouri to find out more about the business and their unique capabilities. Hydromat gives customers the ability to do everything on one platform, from clamping to a superior finish. Chad Bryan talks about the EPIC machine, running unmanned and making a part every 6 seconds! Robert Luth shares the incredible features of the 16-station HB 32-45 collet machine with new chip breaking technology, and Matthias Walter dives into the ICON 6-250, an engineering marvel offering 8 machining centres in one production cell and the ability to run unmanned for 8 hours. If you’re interested in productivity, efficiency, and lowest cost per piece, find out why Hydromat could be the solution for you!

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