Increased efficiency & productivity with twin spindle technology

Tony Gunn meets Vishal Kaddam from Phillips Machine Tools to talk about twin spindle technology. Twin spindle is one of the best products for customers who want to expand, manufacture one component and increase productivity. Adding a second spindle to milling technology helps save space, power and manpower as you’re making the same amount or more products in one space. With greater efficiency of 48m per minute and an RPM of 12,000 the twin spindle Phillips machine offers much better power and torque while helping to machine material faster. This better productivity and finish are suited for higher production runs. Both models, PDV 430T and PDV 330T, consist of the same FANUC control. Vishal also talks about a double column machine for people who want to go with bigger jobs that require high rigidity, such as casting or aerospace. Watch the video for more on Phillips as a benchmark of service all over the world!

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