Win more business by doing less.

It sounds counter-intuitive but that’s exactly what Digifabster does for you. By utilizing a machine-learning algorithm it can quote jobs for you with minimal intervention. Feed it 10 parts and 10 prices and the software will do the rest. Colin Griffiths is in the Tech Corner with Oscar Cutts from Digifabster Inc. Oscar provides an overview of the Digifabster Manufacturing quoting software, servicing the CNC, Laser Cutting and Additive Manufacturing industries. The platform has 2 key applications, either employed as your own in-house quoting platform, or hosted on your e-commerce website, allowing prospects to upload their own CAD files, and receive quotes instantly. You’ll be notified when the quote is won, so you can get to work doing what you do best, making things. If you need help managing your quoting processes contact Digifabster or MTDCNC today.

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