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Established in 1983, REM Systems is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Erowa AG precision products throughout the UK and Ireland. A global company headquartered in Switzerland, Erowa develops and produces advanced manufacturing systems solutions that ensure class-leading manufacturing efficiency levels can be attained. We also have long-standing associations as distributors for other quality-focused Swiss companies, including Triag International that produces multi-vice systems, and F-Tool International that manufactures EDM tooling systems. This allows us to provide a comprehensive range of products to assist our customers in their pursuit of efficient manufacturing processes. From the very start our goal has been to create and deliver solutions for most applications in the precision metal cutting industry sectors by the development, production, consultation and distribution of modern manufacturing technology. Today, we offer and support a universal product range; from tooling systems to full automation systems, as well as process control software for every industry sector looking to machine metals efficiently. Our focus across all areas of engineering is on maximizing productivity and implementing Lean Manufacturing practices. By adopting Erowa’s Flexible Manufacturing Concept, FMC, it is possible to simplify manufacturing processes and extract the greatest possible benefit from modern production technologies. We have identified four key stages when accessing manufacturing processes, and each step results in specific efficiency gains and business rewards. These key stages are: – Zero Point Tooling – Quality Measuring and Presetting Systems – Flexible Automation – Process Manufacturing Software For the best results, at REM Systems we actively seek to create a close working partnership with you to ensure we can offer premium quality machining and automation solutions that specifically match needs. Of course, there is a cost to attaining this level of performance, however the rewards for your business are far greater – we would state that they are crucial to any business operating in a global marketplace. This, coupled with the high level of customer service provided by REM Systems, makes us the leader in our field.

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