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Horn Cutting Tools Ltd. Ringwood, is the wholly owned UK subsidiary of Horn S.A. Luxemburg, Europe's leading supplier of grooving tools and a world leader in precision grooving technology. The company was incorporated in the UK in 2 8, having previously traded as Horn UK since 1995. Horn Group The Horn group of companies is led by Paul Horn GmbH, based in Tubingen, near Stuttgart, which has been developing and producing grooving, side turning and slot milling tools since 1969; these tools occupy a leading position in the market. Our products are used by automotive, general engineering, aerospace, hydraulics/pneumatics, jewellery and medical equipment manufacturers. Making it in the UK Since 1996, the UK operation has had local tool design manufacturing capabilities. These were significantly increased following major expansion of the Ringwood site in 2 4, and further enhanced in 2 6 with additional facilities dedicated to the manufacture of customised tooling. Special Tooling Capabilities/Exotic Materials Manufacture of customised tooling accounts for a fast growing constituent of Horn Cutting Tools activities. These products can often save the end user thousands of pounds through a combination of improved productivity, longer tool life and enhanced accuracy. The company offers particular expertise for processing exotic materials.

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