COMPANY OVERVIEW Digi-Pas UK – Tarax Technology Ltd is the Manufacturer Representative for all Digi-Pas® and eGeeTouch®brands of product lines in UK and Europe. We are a global-leading manufacturer of Digi-Pas® intelligent inclinometers, scientific levelling and angular measuring instruments providing a full range of digital level, 2-aixs precision electronic tilt angles, surface flatness and 2D alignment-diagnostic instruments specifically developed for professionals, specialists, tradesmen & DIY users. DIGIPAS USA LLC is a technology intensive company affiliated with Ventura group having a history of over 2 years. We are based in Connecticut, USA and offices located in Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore. The group is led by Dr Jim Li who graduated with a PhD from Cambridge University, UK and holds over 3 registered patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. His team comprises highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within the niched domain expertise of MEMS-driven precision digital levelling, 2D angular measurement and intelligent proximity access-gaining security technologies. OUR SPECIALIZATION Digi-Pas specialises in the development and manufacture of HIGH PERFORMANCE, QUALITY yet AFFORDABLE digital levels and smart inclinometers to replace the use of traditional spirit 'bubble' levels and conventional single-axis inclinometers. These industrial and scientific grades instruments are built with advanced 2-Axis & 3-Axis Super-MEMS Technology, and precisely compensated for nonlinearity and temperature variation to effectively withstand stringent operating environments. The superiority of high-precision 2-axis MEMS Sensor compounded with digital embedded technologies offer 2-dimentional (planar) tilt-angle and leveling measurements with graphic-animated Smart 2D Bubble® bull's eye, wireless and remote real-time logging unique capabilities. Essentially, these radically differentiated features transform into PRECISE, ACCURATE, FAST & RELIABLE leveling, wide-range angle measurement/tracking/monitong ( ° ~ 36 °) at resolutions of .1°, . 5°, . 1°, . 1°, & . 2° (5µm/M or 1 acrsec) as well as having small footprint and high shock/impact resistant (6, g), providing unparalleled performance and benefits to field engineers, application designers and scientists unmatched by traditional spirit 'bubble' levels or conventional single-axis inclinometers. WORLD-PIONEERING INNOVATION As leveling and angular measurements are vital functions for precision equipment installation, machine alignments and metrology in many industries within the precision engineering cluster. Imprecise leveling a machine affects its structural stability thus severely reduces the accuracy, functional and quality performances of the machine. In 2 9, DIGIPAS pioneered the world's-first Dual-Axis MEMS-driven intelligent precision digital level with built-in vibrometer, and in 2 11, we further pioneered the world's-first dual-axis digital machinist level that had greatly simplified any high precision levelling and planar angle measurement tasks. In 2 12, we sustained our innovation by presenting the world-first Digi-Pas® 2-axis ultra-precision inclinometer at JIMTOS, Tokyo. These intelligent diagnostic instruments and technologies have been evidently used by some of the world’s most technologically advanced companies and government institutions such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, US Navy, US Air Force, Boeing, EADS (Airbus), Intel, Hurco, Makino, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, DMG, BMW, Hyundai ,Safran etc. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Patents and various forms of intellecutal properties are obvious manifestation of our R&D team novel ideas and capabilities resulting from relenless and sustained research activities over past decades. Our IP portfolio contents over twenty USPTO granted patents and trademarks covering juridictions including US, Europe, Japan and numerous countries in both advanced and emerging economies. ACCREDITATION & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE The unique products under the brands of Digi-Pas® and eGeeTouch® are patented, and certified by TÜV SÜD, SGS to comply with CE, FCC, C-Tick, RoHS. Our measurament product's accuracy performance to specification has been externally verified by accredited third party calibration & test bodies in USA, Japan, UK and Germany providing Calibration Certificates traceable to NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN under the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). INTERNATIONAL AWARDS Another business division of ours focuses on the development and manufacture of eGeeTouch® smart locking device. It utilizes state-of-art proximity access-gaining security technologies, world's first of its kind and received numerous innovation awards in world-leading tradeshows. Visit our divisional website: www.egeetouch.com. In 2 14, we launched the world's first NFC-driven smart locking device which effectively resolves the disadvantages associated with conventional keyed and combination dial locks. The novel innovation of eGeeTouch smartlock wirelessly link through the internet to Cloud-computing infrastructure, deploying highly secured NFC technology with eGeeTouch App via user's smart devices such as smartphone, tags/fobs smartwatch etc., validated us as the world pioneer in introducing Internet of Things (IoT) in travel luggage industry by the prestigious world's largest US Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) at 2 14 CES Unveiled New York. The generic smartlocks subsiquently won Japan's largest DIY Homecenter 2 14 & 2 15 New Product Awards. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING CAPABILITY Our factories are ISO9 1, ISO14 1 & OHSAS 18 1 certified and periodically audited by world's leading SGS certification body for traceability, environmental conformance, and work safety & health management. We have forged strong in-house product development and engineering capabilities, own advanced manufacturing facilities that are seamlessly intergrated into our international supply chain, employing over 1, people to manufacture world-class precision electronic components, Digi-Pas® digital angle measuring instruments and eGeeTouch® smart electronic locks. With over two decades of electronic manufacturing expertise serving many large global-leading multinational companies, our products, services and technologies are utilized all over the world.

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